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Explore Golden Triangle Tour with Khajuraho in India

The three cities Delhi, Agra and Jaipur are covered by a trip known popularly as golden triangle tours India . These three cities are immensely important as many dynasties ruled over them and left behind magnificent edifices. The cities are relatively close to each other and reached quickly by road and rail.  Delhi:  Delhi is the symbol of India being the capital of the nation. Old Delhi has been inhabited for close to a thousand years and been known by different names down the ages. There are literally countless places to visit, and it would need a long time to see them all.  One of the most interesting places in Delhi is the Red Fort. It was the residence of Mughal Emperors from 1650 AD. Also known as Lal Qila it was built by Shah Jahan and its majestic outer walls stretch more than a mile and half. The architectural style is Mughal and heavily influenced by Persian culture.  Near Nehru Place, there is a colossal temple built by the Bahai faith which is in shap