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The three cities Delhi, Agra and Jaipur are covered by a trip known popularly asgolden triangle tours India. These three cities are immensely important as many dynasties ruled over them and left behind magnificent edifices. The cities are relatively close to each other and reached quickly by road and rail. 
Delhi is the symbol of India being the capital of the nation. Old Delhi has been inhabited for close to a thousand years and been known by different names down the ages. There are literally countless places to visit, and it would need a long time to see them all. 
One of the most interesting places in Delhi is the Red Fort. It was the residence of Mughal Emperors from 1650 AD. Also known as Lal Qila it was built by Shah Jahan and its majestic outer walls stretch more than a mile and half. The architectural style is Mughal and heavily influenced by Persian culture. 
Near Nehru Place, there is a colossal temple built by the Bahai faith which is in shape of a lotus. The Lotus …

Explore Religious Tourist Places of Rajasthan in India

Rajasthan tourism focuses mainly on the grand forts and palaces. What is not mentioned, however, is that it is home to many shrines. It is a place where Hinduism has flourished down the ages, and due to this, there are many temples and holy places to visit with religious tours in Rajasthan organized by Mhara Rajasthan.
Eklingji Temple – Among the best religious places in Rajasthan, it is situated about 18 km north of Udaipur. The deity here was considered the supreme ruler of Mewar and the kings thought of themselves as his minister or representative. Eklingji attracts many thousands of visitors throughout the year. It was founded by Acharya Vishwaroopa in 12th the century at about the same time as Adi Shankar. The temple spreads across 2500 square feet and rises to a height of 70 feet. There is a massive boundary wall that runs all around it. The main entrance to the west has ornate pillars. The presiding deities are Ganesh, Parvati, and Ganga. The same complex also houses the Nathon…

Explore Fascinating Rajasthan Sightseeing Tour Attractions in India

Rajasthan is an unforgettable location which is a favorite among tourists from India and abroad. A place filled with ancient history, culture, and rituals it has a mesmerizing appeal and is one of the best places to visit in India with Mhara Rajasthan. The state is full of magnificent buildings and edifices which speak about the proud Rajasthani culture and heritage.
Amongtourist places in India, it has a special place in everyone's heart. The capital is Jaipur, also called The Pink City. It was painted in this vibrant color to welcome Queen Victoria is late 19th century. There are many spectacular places to visit in Jaipur such as Amer Fort, Hawa Mahal, and City Palace. 
Besides Jaipur, there are a plethora of locations to discover here.  
Jodhpur –Known as the Gateway to Thar it is one of the most unique places that anybody can visit. It is also known at times as the Blue City since from top of the hill it can be seen that most of the houses are painted blue. The massive Mehranga…

Explore Royal Rajasthan Desert Tour Attractions in India

The Thar Desert located in western Rajasthan covers a vast area of a quarter of a million sq km. It is dotted with small villages and two cities one of which is Jaisalmer and the other Bikaner.Rajasthan desert packages from Mhara Rajasthan offers a unique glimpse into the life of the people here in an inhospitable landscape. 
The dramatic view of sand dunes which stretch to the horizon is unlike anything else that most tourists have seen. The desert is, however, the cradle of a culture that is vibrant and picturesque. The area between Jodhpur and Jaisalmer is the Desert National Park that is open to tourists. Since it is close to sensitive borders, all tourists need to have a special pass. 
The creeping sand dunes endlessly changing their shape is an enthralling sight among tourist places in India.
The Thar Desert, a novelty among the tourist attractions in India includes a visit to Bikaner and Jaisalmer. 
Jaisalmer – 
The extensive Jaisalmer Fort was built by Maharaja Jaisal in the 1…

Enjoy Golden Triangle Tour - Delhi, Agra, Jaipur with Khajuraho

The Golden Triangle is made up of the cities of Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur. With grand historical edifices that are a hallmark of India’s rich legacy and culture these cities welcome hordes of travelers every year. The three cities are about 250 km from each other and connected by road and rail. The Golden Triangle tour packages are a must for everyone who wishes to glimpse into India’s remarkable past. 
The best and most obvious location to begin Golden Triangle tours Indiais at the capital of the nation, a teeming city of 15 million people dating back millennia. The contemporary city of New Delhi is the principal center of power in South Asia as it watches over the world’s largest democracy and sixth largest economy. 
A must visit site is the Qutub Minar, constructed of brick and stones by the rulers of the Slave Dynasty it rises 73 meters into the sky. The tallest building in the world till the Eiffel Tower was built the red sandstone structure has lasted intact for several hun…

Experience Amazing Rajasthan Tour And Attractions with Mhara Rajasthan

The rich culture and history of Rajasthan have attracted millions of tourists every year, and it has become a favored destination for celebrity and destination weddings. With some of the most impressive historical sites and palaces, it is a wonderful place to visit with Mhara Rajasthan.
The list of places that can be included in the amazing Rajasthan tour package is quite literally unlimited. But we take a peek at the most famous cities that are on the bucket list of everyone who visits the enchanting land  Udaipur – Plucked out of a fairy tale it boasts of gorgeous palaces and havelis with crooked lanes winding their way around the city in which you find the majestictourist attractions in Rajasthan. The City of Lakes is serene and tranquil and allows a grand view of Lake Pichola with the legendary Lake Palace in its middle. One of the most acclaimed tourist destinations in Rajasthan it is also well known for Lord Eklingji Temple which is attended by pilgrims. Sajjangarh located close…

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Rajasthan is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful tourist regions of the country. This region is known throughout the world for the diversity of its landscapes, its colorful costumes, its small kingdoms founded by the rulers of Rajput and its cultural wealth. To discover the architectural splendor of the palaces of the maharajas, a visit to the fascinating cities of the region with Mhara Rajasthan is essential.
Do not miss the Pink City of Jaipur, among the most beautiful cities in the region with fascinating Rajasthan tour packages. The capital of Rajasthan was built in 1727 by Maharaja Jai Singh II (a Rajput of the Kachhwaha family) and is now popular with tourists from around the world. Once there, you will be amazed by the architectural beauty of the city, an elegant combination of Mughal and Rajput styles.
Jaisalmer is often referred to as the Golden City and is located in the state of Rajasthan, in western India. Situated near the Thar desert, the camel safari i…

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The state of Rajasthan which literally translates to Land of Kings has a famed slogan - Padharo Mahare Desh or Welcome to my Land. An enchanting region full of lakes, old havelis and forts it is steeped in culture, tradition, and history you will discover with Rajasthan tour packages.
Some of the most remarkable places to see in Rajasthan –
Chittorgarh Fort –Situated in Chittor this huge fortress is on a hilltop and covers 700 acres. The fort is famous as the location where Rani Padmavati sacrificed herself in a fire with other Rajput women to save their honor. The Padmini Palace and Meera Temple are important places to visit inside the fortress.
Ranthambore Tiger Reserve - Ranthambore Forests is one of the most famous national parks in India and a fascinating place for wildlife lovers. It is one of the best weekend getaways in Jaipur, located 170 km away, in the district of Sawai Madhopur, in the east of Rajasthan.
The famous tigers of Ranthambore are accustomed to the presence of tour…

Experience The Exceptional Nature of Rajasthan With Rajasthan Tour Packages

The regal state of Rajasthan is located in the northwestern region of India. A desert state bordering the Thar Desert it has been famed for its unique blend of history, art, and architectural grandeur. A hypnotizing land drenched in ancient folklore and myths it is full of beautiful havelis and huge forts you can find during Rajasthan jewels tour packages. If you wish to be witness to the captivating history of the subcontinent, there is no place like Rajasthan. 
Jaipur – The capital of the state is filled to the brim with foreign and Indian tourists year round. It has many mesmerizing places to visit such as Amer Fort, Hawa Mahal, and Jaigarh Fort. Sightseeing in Jaipur will captivate any visitor and stop them in their tracks. Immerse yourself in its grand history and relive the splendor of the centuries gone by. 
Jodhpur –Often referred to as “Gateway to Thar” it is one of the most significant as well as enchanting places in the state. Also called The Blue City because many of its ho…

Explore The Raw Beauty of Nature in Rajasthan with Rajasthan Wildlife Tour Packages in India

The Land of Kings is reputed for its forts and havelis. But should you wish to view Rajasthan through a different angle you must take up a Rajasthan wildlife India tour. Rajasthan is the natural home to many endangered animals. There are a vast number of wildlife sanctuaries and national parks scattered across the historic state. If you are looking forward to going on a wildlife trip, there is no better location that Rajasthan has to offer.
To allow you to decide which are the finest to visit with Rajasthan wildlife tour packages we describe below a few of the famed places. 
Ranthambore Tiger Reserve – Known formerly as the Sawai Madhopur Game Sanctuary it was renamed the Ranthambore   National park in 1980. It is known worldwide as being the best place to see tigers in their natural habitat. There are said to be about 35 tigers in this reserve though no one knows it for sure. The park is divided into ten zones and at the center is the grand and majestic ruins of the Ranthambore Fort …