Explore Religious Tourist Places of Rajasthan in India

Rajasthan tourism focuses mainly on the grand forts and palaces. What is not mentioned, however, is that it is home to many shrines. It is a place where Hinduism has flourished down the ages, and due to this, there are many temples and holy places to visit with religious tours in Rajasthan organized by Mhara Rajasthan.

Eklingji Temple – Among the best religious places in Rajasthan, it is situated about 18 km north of Udaipur. The deity here was considered the supreme ruler of Mewar and the kings thought of themselves as his minister or representative. Eklingji attracts many thousands of visitors throughout the year. It was founded by Acharya Vishwaroopa in 12th the century at about the same time as Adi Shankar. The temple spreads across 2500 square feet and rises to a height of 70 feet. There is a massive boundary wall that runs all around it. The main entrance to the west has ornate pillars. The presiding deities are Ganesh, Parvati, and Ganga. The same complex also houses the Nathon Ka Mandir.

Dilwara Jain Temples - The Dilwara Temples are located near Mt. Abu. The temple complex consists of five different temples to different Tirthankaras - Lord Mahavira, Shri Adinathji, Shri Parshavnathji, Shri Rishabdaoji, and Shri Neminathji.  These are undoubtedly the most beautiful Jain temples in the world with a motif of flowers are carved into the stone pillars. The temple was destroyed by Allaudin Khilji and rebut in 1321. The restoration can be clearly seen due to the varying color of marbles used. It is close to the famous Nakki Lake which you can see during Rajasthan pilgrimage tour package

Pushkar Temple – The Brahma Temple is situated at the edge of the Pushkar Lake. It is the only temple dedicated to Lord Brahma. This is the site where according to the Veda Puranas the demon named Vajranabha was killed by Lord Brahma. It was destroyed by Emperor Aurangzeb and later rebuilt by Hindu rulers. 

Ajmer Sharif Dargah – It is the tomb is Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti a famed Sufi saint from Persia. Folklore says that whoever prays here will have their prayers answered. He devoted his tie for the welfare of the poor and oppressed and thus the name Mere Garib Namaz. He came to this city in 1192 AD, and the shrine in his memorial was built by Emperor Humayun. 

There is probably no other place in the world like Rajasthan. The centuries-old heritage makes it a lovely place too, and the charm and warmth of the people make you want to stay forever.

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